About Barney

Full Name - Barnaby (Barney) Stinson

Nickname's - Broda, Barn, The Barnacle, Barnito Supreme, Starney Binson, Barnman, Barnstormer, Barnaby, Barney Westside, Jack Package, Swarley, Swarls, Barn Door, Swarles Barkley, Swarlos, Barnitude, Jennifer, Bob Swarley Man, Swarhili.

Aliases - Jack Package, Henritze, The Commodore, Larney, Swarley, Suarlos, Swarles Barkley, Swaaarlay, Swarhili, Swar Wait-for-it Lee, Bob Swarley, Ted Mosby — Architect, Bjorney, Lorenzo von Matterhorn, Julio von Matterhorn, Jennifer, Neil Armstrong, Kristof Doppelganger, Mrs. Stinsfire, Tom Petersson, Barney West-Side, Ignatius Peabody Nobel, Barack Obama Jr, Bjorney Stinson.

Gender - Male

Occupation - High Level Executive at GNB and the Head of the Search Committee

Family - Loretta Stinson (mother)
               James Stinson (half-brother)
               Jerome Whittaker (biological father)
               Carly Whittaker (half-sister)
               Jerome "J.J." Whittaker, Jr. (half-brother) 

Significant Others - Shannon ( Barney's First Girlfriend )
                                 Robin Scherbatsky

Relatives -  Leslie (cousin)
                    Bj√∂rney (Swedish cousin)
                    Tom (brother-in-law)
                    Eli (nephew)